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Member Clubs

750 MC Logo   750 Motor Club (Austin 7s),

The 750 Motor Club was formed in 1939 on an idea of Bill Boddy's to promote low cost motor sport for impecunious Austin Seven owners.

One of the reasons for creating the club was the demise of class H racing for 750cc cars - the lowest division was to include cars up to 1100cc. Hence Bill felt the need for a '750' club. 71 years on, Bill Boddy is still the club's president and the club now runs about 12 different racing formulae (including Austin Sevens), sporting car trials and, most importantly in this context, it is the oldest Austin Seven club. A7 activities include races, trials, autotests, rallies, runs and overseas adventures.

The club is geographically split into centres around the country, some specialising in one or more of the club's activities and the Brooklands Centre is one of the more active 'Austin Seven' centres. They annually run a full calendar of very varied events for A7s and invite other clubs to join in.

The Austin Seven Trial at Cobham every April sees many VSCC (Vintage Sports Car Club) A7 competitors taking part. The Centre set a standard of exciting events for Austin 7s by organising a series of major continental runs starting with a run to Monte Carlo with 42 Sevens in 1974. Then came San Marino in 76, Andorra in 78 and back to Monte Carlo in 1980. The last of this style of event was to Leichtenstein in 1984. Since then others have taken up the baton and organised splendid events - for example Ken Cooke's Eurotours - enthusiastically taken up by Austineers from many clubs. For the last dozen years or so the Centre has put on continental motoring "holidays" including trips to France (Brittany), northern Spain, Norway and Germany.

750 Motor Club and 750 Motor Club Brooklands Centre

Alvis Register and Alvis Owner Club

The Alvis Register started in about 1947, producing its first bulletin in June 1948, with help from Motor Sport. It currently has 600 members and caters primarily for Alvis cars from the earliest in 1923 up to the end of 1932, of which about 760 survive from an original production of 8,480. There is a lively monthly circular and a colour Bulletin published 3-4 times a year as well as excellent technical publications and support. The Register has a well-patronised spares section - must be reasonable prices !

The Alvis Owner Club embraces all Alvis vehicles including cars up to the cessation of production in 1967, military vehicles and even aero engines. With a membership of 1760 it has a regional and international sections all of which organise local touring and social events. Members with pre-war cars are encouraged to take part in IRC events.

Alvis Register and Alvis Owner Club

Austin Ten Drivers Club (ATDC)

The Austin Ten Drivers Club was formed in 1965, when Austin Tens represented "shoestring motoring" and daily transport for the impoverished student and motoring enthusiast. Many years have passed since then and now the humble Austin Ten is widely recognised as a classic car in its own right. Affordable, economical and surprisingly practical, even on the roads of today, the Austin Ten is a worthwhile car to own, use and enjoy.

The Club, which has over 1700 members, has also grown to include all Austins of 10 hp to 28 hp from 1931 to 1939, so there is bound to be a car within the ATDC to suit you. Be it a small or large, saloon or tourer, economical or sporting, there is a car for all pockets. We are largely informal and a happy bunch.

Austin Ten Drivers Club

Crossley Register

The Crossley Register exists both to assist owners of vehicles of all kinds made by Crossley Motors Ltd and collect and maintain records of the company. It is fairly safe to say that if information about Crossley Motors Ltd and its products is not available from the Register then it is probably not available anywhere.

The membership is world-wide and it is not necessary to own a Crossley vehicle to subscribe to the Register. An annual vehicle rally is run in the UK.

A thrice yearly newsletter is produced which includes historical articles, stories of members vehicles, spares and vehicles for sale and wanted, and technical help.

The Crossley Register

Fiat Register

The FIAT Register caters for all FIAT's and OM's produced before 1940, The Register can provide information of a technical nature and assist with the location of spares.

Humber Register Logo   Humber Register

The Humber Register is a one make club which caters for owners of Veteran, Edwardian and Vintage cars and motorcycles; that is those made before 31st December 1930 and also those i.o.e. engined cars made in 1931 and 1932. (The Post Vintage Humber Car Club at caters for the more recent Humber models.)

The Register has about 320 members worldwide and organises at least one major social rally each year. There are also a series of gatherings organised by members in varied locations across the country during the year.

There is a very good bi-monthly bulletin containing reports of Register activities, members' news, rebuilding and repairs, articles featuring Humbers, photographs, and advertisements of cars and spares for sale and wanted.

Members serve on a panel to answer questions of a technical nature on the running, maintenance and rebuilding of the various models. There is also a Spares Register for the acquisition and disposal of spare parts, and the making of some unobtainable spares.

There is abundant technical information available for the various models as well as a library of previous technical articles as printed in the Bulletin over the years.

Copies of handbooks, road tests, etc. may be obtained from the library, and advice can be given on insurance, reclamation of original registration numbers and the history of the vehicles known to us.

The Registrar will be happy to answer any queries about the Register and to send out and subsequently receive applications for membership. On joining, members will receive a complete 'starter pack' of information which could be of considerable assistance, especially if they are Humber owners for the first time.

The Humber Register

Pre-War Austin 7 Club (PWA7C)

Nearly fifty years old, with over a thousand members spread across the United Kingdom as well as abroad, the Pre-War Austin Seven Club is the largest international organisation catering exclusively for these marvellous little cars. The Club has always encouraged car usage in whatever form, and throughout the year its members gather to participate and also compete in a wide range of events.

Notable among these is the Bert Hadley Championship - a series of sprints and speed hill climbs held to celebrate the memory of Bert Hadley, who as a works Austin driver during the 1930s achieved outstanding results in the giant- killing little single seaters built at Longbridge. This entirely amateur Championship caters for both track and road cars built from Austin Seven components, and comprises about a dozen rounds each year which are held at a variety of venues across the country.

On the trials front the Club promotes the Grasshopper Challenge, this name recalling the works trials cars that were known as the Grasshoppers in their heyday. Club members are invited to participate in about half a dozen "one day, one site" trials organised by other clubs each year, as well as in our own Winter Trial held in Derbyshire shortly after Christmas.

For those more interested in road events Club members may participate in the wide range of friendly competitions organised under the Inter-Register banner, as well as in the Club's own non-competitive road runs. These usually include an annual "Coast to Coast Run" across the north of England.

Regional groups in many areas of the country cater for members who like to meet both socially and to exchange technical advice and opinions . Likewise the Club's monthly magazine covers a range of topics from the nostalgic to the technical.

Further information on the above, together with contact details, is to be found on the Club's web site at:

The Pre-War Austin Seven Club

Riley Register Logo   Riley Register

The Riley Register is a club for all with an interest in the Riley Motor Cars that were built in Coventry, England between 1899 and 1940.

They provide comprehensive services to members including a wide range of spares, regalia, social events, rallies, a web forum, regular club newsletters and a quarterly Bulletin.

If you own a Coventry Riley or are an active enthusiast, then you need The Riley Register!

Find out more at the Riley Register website:

The Riley Register

Sunbeam Talbot Darracq Register Logo   Sunbeam/Talbot/Darracq Register (STD)

The STD Register was founded 60 years ago by William Boddy MBE and his wife Winifred who at the time owned a 1925 Sunbeam 14/40. Bill Boddy was well known to motoring enthusiasts through his long editorial association with the magazine "Motor Sport". Now in his nineties, Bill is today, President of the STD Register.

We now have around 650 members worldwide, owning some 800 cars. These cover the motoring period prior to World War Two. Every year, we publish a monthly Newsletter and three Journals which include technical, historical and other articles of interest. We hold many annual events including a National Rally.

The Sunbeam Talbot Darracq Register caters for:

Sunbeams up to 1935, when the Sunbeam Motor Company was acquired by Rootes Securities Ltd.

Talbots until 1935, when Rootes acquired Clement Talbot Ltd and those cars designed by Georges Roesch until 1938.

Cars constructed in France by the Societe Alexandre Darracq, carrying the name Talbot in France but marketed in the U.K. as Talbot-Darracq, or (from 1925), Darracq.

Cars designed and constructed in France by Anthony Lago after the demise of S.T.D. Motors Ltd and up to 1958.

The Sunbeam Talbot Darracq Register

MG Car Club, pre-war cars (MGCC)

The Triple-M Register is a part of the M.G. Car Club, one of the largest and longest established one-make car clubs in the world.

The name derives from the three main model classifications; Midget, Magna and Magnette and is referred to as Triple-M.

For over 40 years the M.G. Car Club Triple-M Register has been looking after the interests of the pre-war overhead cam M.G. models and helping owners throughout the world keep their cars on the road. By maintaining a register of all known cars, we can preserve their history and provenance, whilst offering access to the best technical and spares expertise available anywhere.

Whether you are already enjoying Triple-M ownership or just thinking about it, these pages will have something to offer you. By joining the M.G. Car Club you automatically become a member of The Triple-M Register and you can be sure that you are doing the best for your car.

The Triple-M Register

The Vintage Register of the M.G. Car Club

deals with the following cars, which are eligible for the register, 14/28 Bullnose, 14/28 Flatnose, 14/40 Mk 1V, 18/80 Mk 1, 18/80 Mk11 and the 18/100 Mk 111, otherwise known as the Tigress. These cars were built from the mid twenties to the early thirties. We like the Triple-M Register seek to maintain a register of all the cars owned by members and also where possible cars owned by non-members of the MGCC.

Our web pages are part of the MGCC website and can be found here: -

MG Car Club Vintage Register

Jowett Car Club Logo   The Jowett Car Club Ltd.

The Jowett Car Club is active in many ways in order to achieve the dual objectives of the preservation and use of Jowett cars and commercials, stationary engines and crawler tractors.

We are delighted to be the oldest Club in the world for one make of Car. Founded in 1923 as the Southern Jowett Car Club, the name became Jowett Car Club in 1964 in response to a growing membership. We are a Club of over 650 members who pool our expertise to help each other enjoy the benefits of Jowett motoring, maintenance and restoration.

We encourage members to become actively involved in all of our Club activities. The highlight of our Club year is the Annual National Rally usually held over the Spring Bank Holiday weekend at a different venue each year. This provides an opportunity for both public display and use of our Jowetts in wonderful surroundings.

Jowett Cars - The Jowett Brothers began production of their light car, powered by a 816cc - 6.4hp flat twin engine, in 1910. By 1920 just 60 cars had been produced and the engine was increased to 903cc - 7hp. 1936 saw the introduction of the 10-4, Jowett's first flat four at 1166cc - 10hp. The twin engine was increased to 946cc in 1937 giving 8hp.

Britain's first all new postwar car; the Jowett Javelin was launched in 1948 powered by a 1486cc OHV flat four engine. This was an expensive quality car and its performance led to competition successes, and to demand outpacing supply. Launched in 1950 the Jupiter sports car used Javelin running components in an innovative tubular chassis, and with an aluminium body. The Jupiter was produced in low volume and scored many competition successes including at LeMans and Monte Carlo.

Our web pages can be found here: - The Jowett Car Club Limited

Vintage Sports Car Club

Members of the VSCC are usually invited to take part in Inter-Register events as long as they are in a pre-war car but can only gain Inter-Register points and awards if they belong to a member club of the IRC and are in a car appropriate to that club.

The VSCC site link: - Vintage Sports Car Club

Model A Ford Club GB Logo   The Model A Ford Club of Great Britain.

The Model A Ford Club of Great Britain caters for owners, prospective owners, enthusiasts and devotees of the Ford Model A, AF, AA, B, BF and BB that were built from 1927 to 1934. The club provides help and information as well as being the British network for exchange of knowledge, assistance and spare parts for these vehicles. Events and tours are organized which provide a sociable friendly atmosphere focused around historic cars; all family and friends are welcome at all events.

The club provides members (and at a higher fee, non-members) with vehicle authentication and verification for the DVLA.

The club can help with details of cars and provide help for those researching the history of their vehicles. The Club is affiliated to the Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs.

Our web pages can be found here: - Model A Ford Club of GB

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