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STD Driving Tests, Hungerford, 31st. July 2011


Humber 8/18 attempting Cups on Poles test

Sunbeam Speed 20 going very slowly on
Wavy Line test. Riley and Jowett in background

1903 Daracq completing Cups on Poles test


Riley Navigation & Treasure Hunt, Scotland, 24th. July 2011


A line-up of Scottish Rileys


Humber Navigation Rally, Bovington Tank Museum, 17th. July 2011


Competitors milling around at the start


Riley Bathos Trophy Scatter Rally, Worcestershire, 26th. June 2011


Humber 12/25 "Jeeves" setting off on the rally


750MC "Trally", Berkshire, 18th. June 2011


MG, Austin,Riley,Alvis, and Humber lined up at the start


Alvis Scatter Rally & Tour 9th. April 2011 - West Sussex/Hampshire


Riley 14-6 Alpine



MG PA Midget


MG Scatter Rally 13th. March 2011 - Surrey/Sussex


IRC Entrants

MG and Riley

Humber & MG - plotting in progress

Humber & Austin - drivers searching for clues

Alvis & Humber - drivers searching for clues

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